an agreement having the force of law, which sets out working conditions and wages for certain types of employment. Glossary of Business Terms

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I. award a‧ward 1 [əˈwɔːd ǁ -ɔːrd] noun [countable]
1. an amount of money that is given to someone as a result of an official decision or judgment:

• the basic award for unfair dismissal

• The nurses' pay award (= increase in pay ) was not nearly as much as they had expected.

2. something such as a prize or an amount of money given to a person or company to reward them for something they have done:

• 85% of the company's product is sold overseas, a feat which won it the Queen's Award for Export.

  [m0] II. award award 2 verb [transitive]
1. to officially decide that someone should have something such as an amount of money:
award be awarded something

• We were naturally delighted to be awarded this contract.

award somebody something

• The tribunal can award you compensation or order your reinstatement.

2. to officially give a prize or an amount of money to a person or company, to reward them for what they have done:
award be awarded something

• He has been awarded the MBE for services to the electricity supply industry.

award somebody something

• The university awarded her a scholarship.

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award UK US /əˈwɔːd/ noun [C]
a prize or a sum of money that a person or organization is given for an achievement: »

A new digital innovation award is aimed at media that uses the latest technology to make an improvement in delivery of news services.

an award for sth »

A recently launched advertising agency got an award for best marketing campaign of 2009.


Four finalists shared the top cash award of $160,000.

accept/receive/win an award »

The airline received an environmental award for work relating to carbon-emissions reduction.

give/make/present an award »

We have no hesitation in giving an award to this interesting example of large-scale urban regeneration.

LAW a sum of money that a court of law decides is owed by a company, organization, or person to someone they have treated unfairly, injured in an accident, etc.: »

Justice Andrew Reid confirmed that the award would total $15.5m.

an award of sth »

The jury made an award of £380,000 in damages.

make/uphold/grant an award »

An award for continuing cost of care for survivors of the crash was upheld by the Court of Appeal.

compensation/compensatory/damage(s) award »

The rail company challenged the compensation payout, claiming that the damages award was excessive.

HR, MANAGEMENT an amount of money paid by a company to an employee as an increase in income or as a special payment for success: an award for sth »

Awards for all 600 executives have been ruled out as the group struggles to recover from a catastrophic 12-month period.


As head of the bank's US credit business, she got an award of £2.18m.

a sum of money, work, etc. that is officially given to a company or organization: »

Including the Port Authority's $3 million award, the company got a total of $3.93 million in grants.

HR AWARD WAGE(Cf. ↑award wage)
award UK US /əˈwɔːd/ verb [T]
to officially give work, a sum of money, etc. to a company or organization: »

Firms making big campaign contributions are often awarded lucrative government grants.

award a grant/contract (to sb) »

The Pentagon has awarded a $520 million contract to the construction company.

award sb sth »

The company awarded them the concrete subcontract on the five-story parking structure.

LAW if a court awards a sum of money to someone who has been unfairly treated, injured in an accident at work, etc., it orders the person, company, or organization that is responsible to pay it: be awarded $1 million/£250,000, etc. »

She was awarded £600,000 in damages as part of a libel action.

award sth to sb/award sb sth »

The jury will award $1.78 million in compensation and more than $99 million in punitive damages to victims.


award sth in damages/compensation/costs

HR, MANAGEMENT to give an employee an increase in income or a special payment as a reward for success: award sth to sb/award sb sth »

The Association has just announced that it will be awarding more than $14 million in annual pay rises to staff.

be awarded sth »

Many of the investment bank's employees have been awarded much smaller performance bonuses than they were led to expect.

to give a prize or a sum of money to a person, company, or organization who has been very successful: be awarded sth »

The restaurant was one of only three to be awarded four Michelin stars this year.


Nearly $72,000 in scholarships were awarded by about 30 companies.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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